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What is TAMID group?

TAMID Group at Maryland is a student run organization within the Robert H. Smith School of Business that cultivates the next generation of business leaders through education, consulting and investing experience, as well as professional development opportunities. We work directly with Israeli start-up companies, immersing ourselves in Israel's thriving start-up ecosystem and allowing us to study this amazing and unique economic powerhouse of the world. Our members leave TAMID with concrete skills, professional experience, global exposure, a valuable international network, and much more.


In TAMID, you can find a community of like-minded individuals who are career-focused and hardworking. We value team building and our social network within the club.

Our programs



New members undergo an Education semester where they learn from a weekly curriculum that prepares them for the consulting and fund work ahead. 


TAMID at Maryland Consulting teams provide pro-bono consulting services to Israeli start-up companies within a variety of industries.


The Fund participates in a variety of investment opportunities and financial analyses, including the management of our $7,000+ investment portfolio.


Each summer, a number of our members participate in an 8-week internship with an Israeli start-up company in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem!


TAMID at Maryland not only provides a close knit community, but also a vast international network of like-minded students and professionals.

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